Dry / Red Eye


At Hanson Opticians, we now offer a Moorfield eye hospital approved dry eye clinic. We often come across patients with ocular hyperaemia (red eye), discharge, discomfort, watering and grittiness.

It may be that your case requires urgent intervention and so we aim to see red eye patients as soon as possible upon arrival to the practice. As the examination is only of the external eye, a full eye examination is not normally required. However, if it has been a while since your last eye test, we strongly recommend a full eye test prior to enrolling onto the dry eye assessment clinic.

The clinic runs on two appointments. The initial appointment is free of charge and the follow up appointment is £25 including treatment.


What Causes Dry Eye Syndrome?


  • Ageing over 60s are the most common group to suffer.
  • Hot, dry or windy climates – causes evaporation of tears.
  • Inflammatory diseases – e.g. rheumatoid arthritis affecting the joints is associated with higher risk of dry eyes.
  • Side effects from medications – e.g. the oral contraceptive pill.

How is Dry Eye Syndrome Treated?
There is no absolute ‘cure’ for dry eye syndrome. However, most people can get significant relief from symptoms using a variety of treatments and measures.


Lid Margin Hygiene


If the underlying cause is blepharitis or lid margin disease, then treating this can often improve the ocular surface and reduce symptoms. Our revolutionary blephex treatment can do this. Click here(takes to blephex section)