Come in and see us for your Personalised Lens Consultation.

Choosing lenses can seem like a minefield, there is a massive variety of spectacle lenses available. As an independent retailer we have access to hundreds of different lens types and there is a range of coating and design options available for each. There is a lens for every possible need, some lenses are better suited to certain frames and different lens manufacturers are better at different things. At Hanson Opticians we do not leave you on your own, we work to find and recommend the lenses that are most suitable for your eyes and your requirements.


There is no single lens that will suit everybody and to make a recommendation we need to consider your prescription, frame choice, what you want from the lenses and what lenses you are wearing at the moment. If you book in for an eye examination, your optometrist will recommend the best lenses for you, based on their findings and discussion with you, your dispenser will help to fine tune those recommendations based on your choice of frame and further discussions.


If you are bringing in a prescription, one of our dispensers will be happy to go through the lens options available to you and make recommendations. If you are looking for a specific lens design or manufacturer, please ask, we can offer lenses from all of the major suppliers.


Specialised lenses for complex prescriptions

With access to the world’s best lens manufacturers, we are able to source a uniquely wide range of lenses. If you have found your lens selection limited at other opticians, please bring your prescription to Hanson Opticians, we can literally search the world to find a lens for you.


Prescription checking service

If you order new spectacles at Hanson Opticians with an in-date sight test from elsewhere, or more than six months old from ourselves, we can offer a complimentary prescription check to ensure that you are getting the best possible vision from your new glasses. Please bring your existing prescription in with you.



Freeform Single Vision

A basic single vision lens is a technology over 100 years old, it was designed to give clear vision while looking straight ahead, but does not consider the edge of the lenses or the fitting of the frame into its design. Our advanced range of Freeform Single Vision lenses use the latest digital technology along with precise measurements of the frame and your eyes, to customise the surface of the lens, providing you with clarity of vision all the way to the edge.


Enhanced Reading Lenses / Office Lenses

Office Lenses, also known as Indoor Lenses, offer an elegant solution to provide clear vision in a working environment. Using advanced varifocal quality technology, these lenses are designed to offer you the most useful vision for your requirements. While a varifocal lens provides clear vision at all distances, an Office Lens allows you to choose the range of vision you need and dedicate the entire lens to these aspects, giving you a wider field of vision at the range you use the most.

The Desktop Lens provides clear vision up to arm’s length and is ideal if you spend your day on a computer screen and reading paperwork. The Medium Range option gives you clear vision up to 2 metres away, allowing you to focus on your computer screen and paperwork, but serve to customers or talk to colleagues without having to take your glasses off. The Long Range lens gives clear vision up to 4 metres away, letting you see your computer screen clearly, but allowing you clear vision across a shop or office when you need it. Many people use office lenses to replace reading glasses that they had to keep taking on or off, or as a supplement to varifocals when they need to use a computer all day.





Varifocals are the ultimate solution to eyewear, a pair of glasses that you can use for everything from driving to reading and anything inbetween. Over the years, varifocals have developed enormously, from very basic designs that many people struggled to use, to sophisticated digital, freeform designs that are customised to your precise requirements.


Varifocals are available in a selection of different designs, balancing design with budget – depending on how and when you use your varifocals, you might not notice the benefits of the most customised lens designs and we will take care to offer you the lenses that provide the best value for money for you. No matter which lens from our range that you choose, you will be getting a good quality design, we do not use the basic, generic designs, we provide branded and unbran
ded varifocal lenses from the world’s best manufacturers, including Shamir, Hoya, Essilor and Zeiss. We will recommend the specific lens that we feel best suits your needs but if you would like a particular varifocal design or manufacturer, please ask.

To get the best out of your varifocals, it is important that they are measured and fitted properly. When you order the glasses, we use a combination of manual and computerised measurements to ensure that the lenses are properly fitted for your frames and your eyes. On collection, one of our dispensers will carefully fit the glasses to ensure that they are sitting correctly and comfortably for you. We then follow this up with a complimentary check a month later, to ensure that you are getting on well with your new lenses and this allows us to make any alterations needed for the frame or lenses.




We offer a multi layer coating which is still not available at some high street Opticians.

All of our core lenses are available with a a multi layer coating, providing you with the most advanced surfacing for your lenses and helping to ensure the clarity of your vision.


  • Anti-Reflective layer – a must have on glasses, this cuts down the reflections created by spectacles both for people looking at you and when you are looking out – it is particularly useful for night driving where car headlight glare can be a major issue.
  • Anti-Smudge – an oleophobic layer, similar to that used on touch-screen phones, ensures that fingerprints do not build up on your lenses and are easily cleaning using a soft cloth.
  • Guaranteed Anti-Scratch layer – nothing is worse than having scratches on your lenses, so our Premium Plus coating comes with a strong scratch resistant layer, but if you still manage to get scratches on your lenses, you can take advantage of our no quibble two year replacement guarantee.
  • Dust repellence – anti-static layers help to stop dust from sticking to your lenses and make them easy to keep clean using your cleaning cloth.
  • Water repellence





Transition Lenses

Also known as Light 2 Dark or photochromic. This technology reacts to UV light to make your lenses go darker in sunlight, but clear indoors and at night. The lenses block 100% of UV light, giving your eyes full protection at all times. The technology is available on most of our lens range, including ultrathin and ultratough lens materials as well as select bifocals and even office lenses, ask in practice for more details and a demonstration of the technology.


Transitions: Classic – the traditional design, now available in grey, brown and green. The technology is being continually improved and the lenses transition quickly between light and dark to give you the best possible vision.


Transitions: XtraActive – for people with light sensitivity, the new XtraDark lenses go a shade darker in full sunlight than the classic design, will transition to a 50% tint even behind a car windscreen and have a slight tint at all times to provide extra comfort from harsh indoor lighting. Available in grey in many lens designs and brown and green on select lenses.




Drivewear – a dedicated lens for drivers, the lens carries a contrast improving amber tint at all times, ideal for driving in all daytime and evening conditions. In bright sunlight the lens will darken behind a windscreen to reduce glare and provide clear vision. The lens is designed to replace sunglasses for driving and is not suitable for night driving. Available in prescription as well as ready-made non-prescription sunglasses.