Optimizing your vision is key to performing well and enjoying your game.


Whether you are a professional athlete or enthusiastic amateur, we can help you get the most out of your eyes and your game. It is estimated that over 95% of the information we use during sport comes from our vision, yet many people who participate in sport never think to get their eyes tested.


Sport is a leading cause of eye injury, so it is essential to keep your eyes protected. All of our sports eyewear meets British Standards for fit and protection and most include impact resistant lenses, maintaining your eye health and giving you peace of mind whilst you are competing. Children’s sizes are available in most designs and we hand-fit all frames and goggles to ensure they fit safely and comfortably. Many frames include prescription lenses, or prescription inserts are available, the range of lenses depends on the frame, please bring in your prescription when making enquiries.


We can source other specialist sports glasses and various lens tints are available, please enquire for more details.



Ski Goggles

Protection and clear vision with prescription lens clips available in all designs.



Swimming Goggles

Safe and clear vision, poolside and in the water, including full prescription lenses.



Cycling Glasses

Cycling tints and prescription lenses.



Active Sports

Prescription goggles designed for football, rugby, tennis, running and more.